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Here are the steps we take to ensure quality and freshness for you.

  • First, we locate the source of your dream food and then place an advance order for it, if necessary.

  • Then we shop for it on your behalf and bring it to our premises for processing, if necessary. (If it’s a product that needs to be frozen for example).

  • The next step is to professionally package it using the highest quality insulated cartons, packaging materials and supplies. If necessary we’ll package it with freezer packs, and wrap it accordingly.

  • Finally we’ll ship it express overnight service by UPS to ensure prompt delivery and freshness.
That’s it!
One overnight shipment and your order will be in your hands the very next day
to any major centre in North America, (or two days to reach smaller communities). 
Example of cost to receive an overnight delivery to Vancouver, B.C.
Sample Order #1: One Jeanne’s Cake, (6-8 serving size) $136.00
  •                             Sample Order #2: One Jeanne's Cake, (to Toronto,12-15 serving size) $182.00                 
  • Sample Order #2: Four Gondola Pizzas plus one Jeanne’s Cake $276.00
  • Sample Order #3: 12 Gunn’s bagels, 3 City rye bread, 2 Gondola Pizzas, 
2 Jeanne’s cakes (12-15 serving size each), $383.00
 The majority of the cost is for the Overnight Express Shipping. This is calculated by UPS using a 
formula of the actual weight & the dimensions of the sealed carton. Prices shown are approximate only.